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Covid-19 Safety protocols to the max.

If you are concerned about Covid-19, you are very lucky that you found us. You may ask Why? Because we are the SAFEST limousine service company in USA.

What is so special about us besides offering the same things like the other limo companies : clean disinfected cars, latest model vehicles with dependable, reliable, professional services? We are the Safest Limousine service company in the whole USA and perhaps in the world... We have started to implement very aggressive Covid-19 safety protocols long when we learned about Covid-19 around March/April 2020. Since then, we constantly improved our safety protocols in order to reduce the risk of contracting the virus while continue to give professional and courteous services to our clients. So far we are the best firm in the whole limousine industry when it comes to covid-19 safety. No other firm has come close to our very aggresive Covid-19 safety protocols as of yet. We all are very proud of our achievement. Once you read the list of our safety protocols below, you will understand why we are we are saying that we are the safest of all :

Here are some of the important COVID-19 Safety protocols we have in place :

  1. One of a kind Air tight driver partition which cuts the air circulation between rear passenger area from the front driver area.
  2. One of a kind cabin air filtration system. These cabin filters will catch aerosol virus carriers in the cabin when the air passes through the cabin air filter.
  3. Safe Plus vehicles equipped with plenty of hard to find cleaning supplies : Lysol and Clorox sanitizer sprays and wipes, alcohol wipes...
  4. Safe Plus vehicles have alcohol wipes, hand sanitizers, tissue box, cooler with various type of drinks (sparkling water etc...).
  5. Safe Plus vehicles have Safety zip lock bags for its passengers free of charge. The safety bags will have 3 items inside : surgical mask, 3 oz hand sanitizer, and rubber gloves.
  6. Safe Plus vehicles have air/rain deflectors on its windows. Now you can crack open a window without getting bothered with rain droplets or air blowing on to your face too strongly.
  7. Safe Plus vehicles have Ozone Generators to be used for extra disinfected cleaning process. After cleaning high traffic touch areas, driver will turn the Ozone generator on and leave the vehicles until the timer on the ozone generator expires. Then driver will open the windows and doors to circulate the ozone out of the vehicle. These devices are great alternatives to clean the cabin air, and hard to reach areas inside the vehicle. Ozone generators kills any living organism bacteria's and viruses floating in the vehicle.
  8. Air Circulator button inside the vehicle will always stay off. Only outside fresh air will enter into the vehicle.
  9. Drivers are equipped with the best mask money can buy : 3M N100. These masks are the best masks in the market. The masks filters 99.97%.
  10. Drivers are required to take Covid-19 Test and submit the test results showing they are Covid-19 NEGATIVE.
  11. Drivers are required to fill out a CDC approved health check questionnaire report before they start their shift everyday. The temperature of your driver is also recorded in this report daily.
  12. Driver are required to sanitize hands before & and after opening the doors to passengers,
  13. Drivers are required to sign a NDA (non-disclosure agreements). This contract enables us to keep everything private and confidential about our passengers.
  14. Drivers are given the option to wear goggles in order to ensure driver safety and reduce the risk of contracting the virus.
  15. Drivers are required to wear rubber gloves for additional safety.
  16. Drivers are required to disinfect the luggage handles before giving it back to the passengers. As I have mentioned earlier, we have plenty of disinfectant wipes & sprays in our vehicles.

If you are looking for cost effective and reliable luxury limousine service you came to the right web site.

We have been serving Washington DC metropolitan area since 2007.  We offer services within Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland. 

We can accommodate any vehicle size ( from 4 passenger sedan to 56 passenger Coach Bus and anything in between ) and any type of vehicles ( Sedans, SUVs, Executive VANs /  MiniBuses, and Large Coach Buses ) ,

We offer point to point transfers, hourly/ as directed service, long distance city to city luxury services. 

Please give contact us  for your all types of  luxury transportation needs  : (703)-987-3056 or call +1-866-LIMO-249 (1-866-546-6249) or email us at


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